Automatic Attendance system

Providing 100% proxy prone attendance system based on artificial intelligence, real time tracking and cloud based technology.

Visitor Management System

Fast and error free visitor check-in process. Records visitors valuables digitally and track visitor movement in real time in premises.

Access Control System

Secure your sensitive areas with our advance access control features. IP based architecture to enhance reliability and Scalability. 

Digital Marketing

Earning the place in top results when a particular topic related to your website or business is being searched in search engines.

Enterprise Portal & CMS

Our expertise into developing enterprise web content management frameworks and migration of portals allow us to accelerate solution delivery based on a proven approach.

Mobile App Development

We develop apps like hybrid and native mobile applications which have different assets with respect to their characteristics.

Web Designing

We do custom web designing which is crafted just for your business and that website will be different from anyone else’s.

Application Development

Our application development service offering provides organisations with a flexible set of solutions spanning the entire system life cycle.

Domain & Hosting

Our domain  hosting service suits every need. We provide hosting from shared to dedicated servers.

Transform business with Artificial Intelligence

AI is clearly a growing force in the technology industry. Facial Recognition, Chatbots and Virtual Assistants are becoming a key part of new business.

Our Vision

Looking into the future is not something that is easy and it even seems impossible when one lacks a foothold. With the warm reception we have received from our clients for the work that we have done to assist them, we are truly overwhelmed and hence they outsource the motivation for us to think deep into the future. We look forward to “integrate”

Our Mission

The idea of creating wonders and building greatness appeals to almost everyone but conquering that distance between an idea and an accomplishment is easier said than done. Shailers Solutions has stood up from scratch to reach a level where we look forward to empower the world with IT solutions of top quality and effectiveness.

Our Motto

Our motto is to “empower”, because we grow as you grow. We intend to stand by you in your time of struggle and after that too. Propagating the idea of a digitalised world before people from all the standards of our country and further is an agenda that comes with our motto of empowering. Empowerment not only stands on a personal level but it intends to connect

Best Business Solution For You!

Shailers Solutions is a new name that has emerged from scratch to dominate the world of IT solutions. IT solutions can be viewed as a wide range of application based work that aims at enhancing the output one gets out of work by introducing a facade to the company that can be seen on the world wide way. It is similar to creating an online presence for a company or a business or similar ventures. An online presence is what a layman will look at it like but, an online presence that can create an impact on the audience is something of a much higher level. .

Digital Marketing

Some ways to achieve the highest rating for your website is by the use of search engine optimization, social media optimization and a few more.Many a times, many people search things on the internet using search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others too.

Web Development

For the various uses of a website, its design is a crucial thing that one needs to take care of. From the wide range of website templates and themes that we can design, some or the other will definitely fit your need.The designing will be done on any suitable platform as

Mobile App Development

It requires different platforms for the development process. Besides there are various type of apps like hybrid and native mobile applications which have different assests with respect to their characteristics. Mobile application development seems to have

Contact With Us

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